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Well, enough Klingon for now. You didn´t come here to read a monologue of mine, right? ;-)
Despite the title, this site does not only host The Klingon Anthem, but also several other files about Klingons, including Frasier´s Klingon speech, and a Light version of the Klingon Language Lab - most of the files are taken from the game Star Trek Klingon.

Some hints before you jump at the files


I strongly suggest that you make use of a Download Manager, like GetRight. This server isn´t the fastest(but it´s free ;-), so you´ll likely want to resume downloads now and then.


All video files here are encoded using DivX. It´s a good codec available on most, if not all, platforms. I usually encode my videos with the latest version if possible. Some of the older videos use DivX 5.1.1, but usually, I use the newest possible(i.e. the newest I tried and found to be good). A recent version is 5.2.1, which I recommend that you use, as I make use of features(like multiple consecutive B-frames) only DivX 5.2.X or higher has.
Maybe other decoders have them as well, but don´t blame me if it doesn´t work.

Quick links:

The Klingon Anthem Frasier´s Klingon speech qeylIS mInDu' nentay - The rite of ascension
tlhIngan mu'tay' - Vocabulary videos Klingon IPA Font The Klingon Language Lab Light mu' toghwI', Word count
Sounds of the Klingon alphabet a klingon advertisment mu' DelwI' - the explainer Other videos, not by me
KLIFList - create lists for KLIFlash with text as input mu'chevwI' - Klingon Translate Help

The Videos

The Klingon Anthem

Screenshot Anthem The probably best known klingon song, it can be heard quite frequently in the show. There are several versions available, differing only in that some have subtitles, others don´t.
(Note: I am currently working on better quality versions, but I can´t tell how long it´ll take. The source material is quite bad - those who played the game probably know what I mean.)
Link Size Description
The Klingon Anthem 1.4M The basic version. No subtitles, taken directly from the game, polished it a bit. Didn´t help much. :-(
Klingon Anthem, english subs1.4MEssentially the same as the previous version, though this time with burnt-in english subtitles.
Klingon Anthem, klingon subs1.4MAs before, this time the subtitles are in klingon. For those who want to sing along ;-)
Klingon Anthem, klingon subs, klingon font1.4MThe subtitles in this one are in klingon using Klingon Glyphs - the font I used is similar to the one from the KLI, it can be found on the Links Page
The Klingon Anthem, MKV, 3 Subs, inc. font 1.2M A Matroska version. Same video, but all three subtitles included as separate stream, the needed font-file for klingon glyphs is included in the file itself, so there is no need to download and install it. Go to the Matroska Page if you don´t know what Matroska is or need the files to play them.
Generally, I´d recommend the Matroska version - no need to carry around four different versions of the same video, right? At the moment, there´s a slight bug in DirectVobSub(the filter used to display the subtitles), it shows all three subtitle streams as "English". Not that much of a problem, though.
Subtitle script, english~2KBThe script used for the subtitles, SSA(SubStation Alpha) format. The timing is useless, as it´s tuned for the klingon words, still, I thought I leave it as it is.
Subtitle script, klingon~2KBSubtitle Script, SSA format. Klingon text - the timing is tuned for the klingon words, though it is not perfect.
Subtitle script, klingon, klingon font~2KBThe subtitle script for the klingon glyph version. The timing is the same as the others, the only difference is the used font and some words are rewritten to match the font´s mapping
In case of problems with scripts(external)HintIf you´re experiencing problems, like gibberish symbols or completely wrong timing, it may be that the character encoding has been changed. In that case, open the file with Notepad(it´s plain text anyway) and save it with UTF8 encoding(remember to remove the ".txt"). This should solve the problem. Apparently sometimes the encoding set is wrong, causing the subtitle filter to "overlook" it´s own command tags.
Klingon anthem, MP3192KWhile not a video, it may be of interest to those who merely want to HEAR the song. It´s smaller, naturally. It may be that it´s lenght is shown as 24seconds, which is wrong, because it´s about 42 seconds. It´ll play fine, though.

Frasier´s klingon speech

Screenshot Frasier Frasier delivers a speech at his sons Bar-Mitzwah, thinking it´s Hebrew, though in fact it´s in klingon. (His pronounciation is gruesome, but he aparently doesn´t try to speak Klingon but Hebrew.)
Link Size Description
Frasier´s Speech, AVI version 11MAvi version, not recommended, lower quality, larger, burnt-in subtitles
Frasier´s Speech, MKV version7.2MMKV Version, recommended, better quality with subtitles as separate stream
See the Matroska page for more details.
Speech/translation only, MP3182KThis MP3 contains only the klingon speech and the translation.

qeylIS mInDu'

Screenshot QeylIS mInDu' A common klingon game. See how two klingon officers play it and learn how it works. Perhaps you want to play it too?
Link Size Description
qeylIS mInDu'2.5MThe eyes of Kahles, as the english name would be. The quality isn´t exciting, I hope on releasing a better version sometime.

nentay - The rite of Ascension

Screenshot nentay nentay - The rite of Ascension. It marks the adulthood of a true klingon warrior.
Link Size Description
nentay - the rite of ascension 12MWatch as a young klingon boy becomes an adult klingon warrior.
As with the other videos, I hope on releasing a better quality version sometimes.

tlhIngan mu'tay' - the Vocabulary.

Screenshot mu'tay'(vocabulary) This section contains videos with Klingon vocabulary - (english) translations for the words, pronounciation(the word being said by Gowron), and explanations(by Okrand).
Where possible, I will add scenes from the game Star Trek Klingon, reworked to look better, and downgraded to be compressable ;-)
All resources, beside the text itself, are taken from the CDs of Star Trek Klingon. The words spoken by Gowron are from the KLL(L) part.
I will provide an AVI version for all videos, though I strongly suggest that you try the Matroska files. MKV files offer superier quality(no "hardsubbing", thus no deterioration of picture), and often smaller file sizes - right now the difference between all the AVI and MKV files is about six MEGAbyte...
Klingon word
English word
MKV Link/Size
AVI Link/Size
Description Date of last change
Bregit Lung
MKV, 556K,
AVI, 804K,
Micro, 139K,
No clip from the game, I´m afraid.
The MKV version contains two subtitle streams - one in english, one in german. Not much difference, really. Still, some prefer german ;-)
The AVI version has mediocre graphic, because the subtitles are burnt in.
The "micro" version is the lowest possible quality/size, for those who wish to see a sample but can´t afford more transfer. Do NOT expect quality!
09, 2004
MKV, 468K,
AVI, 605K,
Bean(s). No clip from the game, explanation of letters.
02, 2005
vIno'va' qurgh
Finova bean(s)
MKV, 1.0M,
AVI, 1.3M,
Finova Bean(s). Similar to qurgh, but longer. ;-)
02, 2005
jol yIchu'
Activate transporter!
MKV, 640K
AVI, 1.0M,
"Activate transporter" - a classical Star Trek command, though it´s correct english counterpart seems to be a bit smoother ;-)
09, 2004
Ode of Respect
MKV, 7.1M,
AVI, 13M,
This one is a bit larger than usual, because I included a short clip from the game "Star Trek Klingon" where an Ode of Respect is being read. Unfortunately, it´s not in Klingon ;-)
11, 2004
no' DIr
Ancestor hanging
MKV, 831K,
AVI, 1.2M,
Ancestor hanging.
03, 2005
MKV, 821K,
AVI, 924K,
veQ - "garbage". Can be used as an insult too. Contains a clip from the game.
11, 2004
MKV, 1.2M,
AVI, 1.4M,
Including a small clip from the game Star Trek Klingon, NOT the Rite of Ascension, though, as this would have made the file too large, I´m afraid. Besides, it´s available as a separate video
11, 2004
MKV,534K ,
AVI, 1.0M,
This file´s the first of a new line, unlike the others, I didn´t simply take what KCD gave to a word, I searched for fitting samples and added them.
Therefore you will now hear Okrand spell the used letters, as well as see a written invitation to repeat the word, with Okrand saying it afterwards.
01, 2005
SWF,1.4M ,
AVI, 1.7M,
Once again, there has been a change. With this file, I start to create future files in FLASH, because it offers many more options, and, most important, better visual quality. I will continue to include an AVI version, so that it can be viewed without flash - but any technical improvement will likely be lost in the pure video.
Also, there may, or may not, be an MKV version in the future. Since the text has to be burned into the picture, MKV offers no inherent advantage anymore. However, preliminary tests have shown that a combination of TWO video codecs may provide small files with good quality, which might mean that I´ll add an MKV file.
Warning:This file is supposed to be viewed with a size of 320x200, but some browsers might expand it to fit the entire screen. In that case, either go to mu'DelwI', or download and run the file, so that the Flash player(which is likely to be installed) plays the file at correct size.
01, 2005
Full pack MKV Pack, 11M ,
MKV Pack, 19M ,
These packs contain several videos at once, for easier download. The pack will be replaced soon, and I´ll then add a date mark, so that you can easier see which files are new and which are old. 03, 2005

Non-video, downloadable material

Klingon IPA Font

Link Size Description
tlh I ng a n
X o l
v I dS a tlh
Klingon IPA font
5.2KA (more or less) self-made font containing not more than the Klingon Alphabet as IPA characters.
There are no numbers, no special characters, nothing. Just the alphabet as IPA glyphs. Probably not of much use to anyone, but I thought I´ll put it online anyway ;-) (In case you´re interested - I created that font for use in my mu'tay videos, to be included in the MKV versions.
The character mapping is quite simple, all the characters are on the keys they represent. Exceptions: The "ng" is mapped to "x", "ch" is "c", "gh" "g" and "tlh" is "T".
The font´s still in work, I have to rework some characters. It should work on any system, btw. If not - please tell me.

The Klingon Language Lab LIGHT

Klingon Language Lab Light screenshot If you don´t know the KLL, there is a good description at the KLI's WIKI It´s written by me, btw ;-)
This version now, is more or less the same as the regular KLL, but it´s not as large. That´s because the original was made rather clumsy, with no audio or picture compression at all.
To use this program your system has to be able to decode MP3 audio, MJPeg Video, and RLE Bitmaps - virtually everything a standard Windows system can do. (Any system newer than Win3.11, that is ;-)
As of now, it´s about 80MB in size(zipped to 50), while the original is about 300MB.
I heavily recommend using GetRight to download the files. It´ll take long to download, and programs like GetRight, download-manager, let you resume the download later.
Link Size Description
The entire program with all files 48MBecause my webserver recently has been changed to not allow EXE files, I repacked the KLLL into a single ZIP file. Nowadays a 50MB download isn't that much of a problem anyway. And I doubt I'm going to change the files any time soon.
The MJPeg codec used in the videos 89KThat´s the codec I used to compress the videos.
From what I've seen, modern Windows (XP+) are able to decode even without having the codec installed. Only install if you absolutely have to!
Installation Basically: download and unzip, then run the program (or rather runme.bat). That should create a new drive(Z) pointing to KLL_LIGHT (needed to run the program) and start the Language Lab.
Note: I didn´t change any of the pictures or videos, nor did I modify the program itself. so it´ll still try to run in 320x200 mode - most likely ending up stuck in the upper left corner, while the rest of the screen remains as before. Though that may be strange at first, it doesn´t pose any problems - I´ve run the program often and never had any problems with it.
Possible problems The program runs fine on Win2K. With XP, though - there is a problem. New codecs, like the DivX Codec, somehow cause problems, and would have to be uninstalled.
With Vista its even worse. Since the program is probably 16Bit, a 64Bit version of Vista won't run it at all. Compatibility mode didn't help. Perhaps it will work with 32Bit Vista, but I wouldn't bet on it.


Link Size Description
mu' toghwI' 31KThe Word Counter, a rather simple program I wrote for myself.
I've uploaded it here in case anyone else can make use of it.
The basic idea behind the program is that most texts don't use as much words as they seem to use. Most words are variants of each other - this is especially true in Klingon, where a simple noun can have up to 9 suffixes at the same time.
So, what if we stripped away all those affixes, and left only the bare stem? Why, we'd get a rather short list of the really important words necessary to understand the text.
That's what the program does, more or less.
It tries to eliminate anything that isn't a klingon word(i.e. everything that uses letters not in the alphabet) and cleans the rest, to get rid of brackets and numbers and that.

You have to tell it to remove the affixes manually, so you can specifically go through them word for word, or unselect a few you don't want to reduce. Alternately, you can also force the removal of an affix.
This may be necessary because, as I said, the program is simple. It can't handle the double-character letters like "gh" or "ch", so I thought it would be best if it just ignored them, rather than try to and remove an affix that isn't there. Better to spare a few of the guilty than to slay an innocent, right? ;-)
Of course you can save the result - either with numbers, to know which words are most important, or without, if you want to refine your reduction later.
If you have questions, feel free to ask me.
Information:Well, I should have anticipated this. The program requires you to have (at least) .Net 2.0 installed on your machine. From what I gather, it's not possible to create a C# program that runs without .Net . Do'Ha'.
Get it here if you want.
mscoree.dll276KIf you want to try, I uploaded the specific DLL I know is missing. I have no way to check if other DLLs miss as well, or if it works if you just download the file and put it in the same directory. Don't blame me if it doesn't work, though. I'll try to find a better solution.

Klingon sounds - the Klingon alphabet

This section contains all of the letters of the klingon alphabet, in form of MP3 files. Each is spoken by Marc Okrand, the letter itself first, with an explanation on how to pronounce following. - Most also mention similar words in english.
Not all files here actually denote letters, several of them are only sounds in truth. Their letter-like representation is what you´ll encounter in words.
Filesize:The smallest file is mere 15K in size, most are below 100K - the only exception being the apostrophe, with 150K.
One pack to load them all:This (RAR)archive contains all files. It´s not really any smaller than all the files would be, but it´s more convenient, I think.
If you, for some reason, want the glyph pictures as well, here´s the IPA pics as well as the Klingon glyphs.
Note:Some files may take a while to load, so instant playback isn´t always a good idea. This is true especially for "tlh".

IPA/Klingon Glyphs Vocals IPA/Klingon Glyphs Consonants
aa Letter a, as in father '' The apostrophe, glottal stop
Sound aw, as in cow bb Letter b, as in big
Sound ay tSch Letter ch, as in chew. Note:Although represented as TWO letters, in klingon it´s only one!
ee Letter e, as in get dD Letter D, as in dream Note:it´s always upper case!
Sound ew xgh Letter gh
Sound ey, as in pay XH Letter H, Upper case!
II Letter I, as in sit Note:Upper case! dSj Letter j, as in jar
Sound Iw ll Letter l(small L), as in look
Sound Iy, as in key mm Letter m, as in map
oo Letter o, as in go nn Letter n, as in no
Sound oy, as in toy ngng Letter ng, as in sing
uu Letter u, as in blue pp Letter p, as in pack
Sound uy qq Letter q, as in come Note:never upper case
QQ Letter QNote:never lower case!
Letter r, IPAr Letter r
SS Letter S
tt Letter t, as in tag
tlhtlh Letter tlh Note:Three letter letter ;-)
vv Letter v, as in save
ww Letter w, as in warm
yy Letter y, as in yes Note:This is not filed as vocal as it´s never pronounced as such
You might want to check the KLI site on Klingon sounds as well. Same sounds, different speaker, this time included in pseudo-words to hear them in "real life" environment.
More on the KLI on my Links page

Other videos

Fortunately, I am not the only person creating Klingon videos. There are (perhaps many?) more, and I´ll link to them as well.
However, since they´re off-site, I´ve created a page of it´s own for them: Videos that I did not create.

If you are interested in how I created the file, I've moved that part to a page of it's own.

For links about Klingon, please visit my links page.

So much for that, I've got to stop now because I'm starting to get hungry...
Now, where did I leave the ghargh?...

P.S: Legalese:

Well, I think it won't hurt to add a few notes:

First off, The game "Star Trek: Klingon", as well as the name Klingon, the language(unfortunately, as they don't utilize it's full potential) Klingon, and similar, belongs to Paramount(that's the company creating those cool series and movies ;-)
Second, I do NOT recommend or suggest that you copy the GAME or any files of it. That's not allowed, and really bad manners too.
If you want that game - buy it. It's worth the price(if you're a fan of Klingons, that is).
My suggestion for buying would be the Merchandise page of the KLI. Not only you're getting this great game, you're also helping the KLI, a welcome side effect I think.
The version offered currently by the KLI is the PC version - so if you've got a Mac, you'll need to search further - but there IS a Mac-Version as well.
(I don't think there're many stores left that have this game on stock - it's a bit old.)
While you're there, you might buy the book too btw - it covers also the before and after of the game.

(Last change: Friday, 08-Apr-2011 17:54:11 CEST (more or less ;-))

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