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Klingonska Akademien A nice site about Klingon, located in Sweden. Fortunately, a large portion of it is in english, although a part is also in swedish.
I´d recommend to check this site, browse around it, and then decide if you want to bookmark it. If you came to my site to get the Video, you defenitely should pay it a visit, for there you´ll find the lyrics and notes.
Also, you should look at the Klingon Pocket Dictionary, or "tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom mach" as it´s called. I once bought it and never had a chance to regret it. Except forgetting it at home. It´s especially useful when you´re starting to learn and, hopefully, try to make up sentences during the day. It´s handy - in more than one way. Fits nicely into an inside pocket in your jacket, and contains all the words of the language..

The Klingon  Language Institute
T H E resource for everyone interested in Klingon(the language, not the race). If you don´t know it, you aren´t learning Klingon. Beside the KLI, only Okrand himself(the creator of the language) can be called authority on Klingon.
If the KLI doesn´t say it´s Klingon, it isn´t Klingon.
While there, I´d recommend to visit the merchandise page, it won´t hurt to read a bit Shakespeare again, this time the Klingon Original.
Also, if you really want to learn the language, you should sign up with their mailing list - it doesn´t cost you anything, and you´ll profit by it. I´m signed up, getting the digest version(all mails condensed into one) every day and read it during breakfast.
If you really are into Klingon, you should also sign up with the KLI and become a member. Although it does cost you, it´s not that bad(at most 25 bucks a year), and you´ll get 4 issues of HolQeD each year, stuffed with interesting articles. If you´re not sure, buy a back issue when you order your Klingon Hamlet.
Here´s a selection of interesting sites on the KLI homepage:

Ter'eS Home page One of the best klingon-related pages there is, IMO. While it doesn´t concentrate on grammar/klingon text(though you´ll find a fair share of it as well), it offers several other nice things:
  • For example KLIFlash, an excellent vocabulary trainer any tlhIngan Hol ghojwI'(Klingon language student) should have - and use.
    Though the vocabulary trainer is rather tiring(because it takes quite a while for you to finish one "step"), it´s a good way to memorize the words. I know it helped me.
    There has been an older, Dos-based version, which had (IMO) a nice interface - apparently it´s gone. If you still want it, I could upload it somewhere, or you might ask ter'eS himself, as he´s the author.
  • Finally - klingon video! Not just about klingon, but IN klingon. Hov leng, or "Star Trek", as it is called. Either go to the main page(previous link), or download the first episode directly: "Unexpected Enemy".(By now, there´s a second episode available too - What trouble with tribbles?. It´s a bit larget(~20MB), but even better than the first one.
    Unfortunately, the quality´s not too great(larger files might not be downloadable for all) and it´s in WMV format(a format I consider mediocre), yet it´s a brilliant piece of work you should check out.
  • Video we just had, now we need some klingon songs - right? But not just "Paramount" Klingon songs - check out which "terran" singers were klingon in truth! ;-)
  • Now we had Videos and Songs - what´s missing? Right - texts of all sorts. Again, ter'eS provides us with plenty of material.
However, that´s not all his page offers - I REALLY recommend that you take a look at the main page and find out for yourself - who knows when I´m going to update this page next time? ;-)

d'Armond Speers d'Armond Speers, or Holtej(linguist) as he is known too. Owns a good website that is surely worth the time. Many will know him already, be it from the KLI Mailing List, or, more likely, through his masterpiece of software, pojwI'. In case you don´t know that program already(however unlikely it is), the program is used to, as the name implies ;-), analyze Klingon words and sentences(pojwI' = analysator). That sounds boring, but isn´t. It´s more like a wordprocessor anyway, as described by himself.
Still not convinced? Well, let me tell you what I use it for. Whenever I want to look up a word I just read(a klingon word, that is), I either open TKD(The Klingon Dictionary), or my pocket dictionary(see Klingonska Akademien), or, more likely, I start pojwI' and let it analyze the word.
Here´s an example of what it would do with "vIpojnISqu' ".
(I reduced colors and cropped, this server isn´t too fast, better having small files.)

Klingon Font Rather old, and probably not supported anymore, this site holds one of the best klingon fonts(IMO). Although it´s characters are identical to those of the KLIFont, the character assignment is not. But, quite frankly, since the KLIFont is too expensive IMHO, I´m still using this one.
If the link doesn´t work anymore, or the file isn´t up anymore, mail me(address on main page), and I´ll host it here.

Mailing Lists

QepHom A german mailing list, named quite fitting - "small meeting". Don´t let yourself be fooled by this though. It is one of the two mailing lists I recommend definitely. If you speak german (fluently), that is. If not, well, although I´m sure that wouldn´t be a problem for the other participients, it might be hard for you.
One of the main advantages of this mailing list is that because it´s rather small, the rules aren´t as strict as on the KLI Mailing list, where you may only talk about the klingon language, or IN klingon.
Another advantage is that it´s owner, Quvar Valer(Levinius), has been the beginners grammarian of the KLI mailing list. Which means that he´s so good in klingon, the KLI trusts him to help beginning students of klingon.

KLI Mailing List As the name says, it´s the mailing list of the KLI. Unfortunately, it doesn´t have a real name, beside "tlhIngan Hol mailing list" perhaps. Anyway, this is the number one list about Klingon. You´ll HAVE to subscribe in order to learn Klingon. I recommend subscribing to the DIGEST version, since you´d otherwise get every single mail. Which can amount to about 20 mails a day. And I suppose you wouldn´t want to flood your mail account, would you?
Of course, if you´ve got too much time on your hands, the non-digest version offers you the possibility of answering every single mail in almost real-time.
On this list you´ll find probably about anyone good in Klingon, except Okrand himself. The rules are rather strict however, so you´ll have to either talk about the klingon language itself(grammar, words, etc) or IN klingon about anything.

Klingon Word of the Day - KWOTD Not exactly a mailing list(although you have to subscribe), it is worth mentioning. The KWOTD is exactly what it sounds like - every day a single klingon word is sent out. Not only the word alone, but also a definition of it. Often there are additional notes, mostly from Okrand, found in either later canon sources(books,...) or internet newsgroups.

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