Listmaker - a program that creates so-called "special" lists for KLIFlash


A program written by Terrence Donnelly, a learning aid that anyone who is serious about learning Klingon should use.
Among its many features, it allows the user to build custom learning lists, so you can collect words you deem most important and learn them separately, outside of the (rather huge) standard lists.
If you don't know that program, head over to Terrence' site and take a look. Believe me, it's worth your time.
BTW, you need to use version 2.0 of his program for mine to work. I don't think anyone actually uses another version anyway, but it's worth mentioning.


This one is MY program - Terrence has absolutely nothing to do with it, except of course that without his program mine would be useless :-) So if you try my program and something happens, contact me, not him.


As said above, my program creates and adds so-called "special lists". The reason why I wrote the program in the first place is that I'm lazy.
With regards to learning a language it means that I usually can't be bothered to learn the vocabulary, but without it I can't ever speak the language. So I try to find ways to make it easier for myself.
You may have noticed my other programs, they all try to reduce the work involved. With varying degrees of success, though usually low.
When I recently decided to do a few words again, I realized that one of the main reasons I don't make as much use of KLIFlash as I should is that the standard word lists are huge. They take an eternity to get through.
So I thought, why is there no way to reduce the list size?
I soon found out that there IS a way. Using the included KLIMaint program, one can customize lists - and even create your own lists.
Great, isn't it? Well, almost. I mentioned that I'm lazy, yes? So I hesitated using KLIMaint to create a list of my own - adding word for word for word. That work. Much work.
But I'm a programmer, so I tried to find a way around. And I did.
The result is my program here. It's nothing great, it's rather primitive and the lists it creates surely lack any finesse or finishing touches. But it works without breaking KLIFlash and that's good enough for me.
How it works (using it)
It's simple, really. You either supply a file that contains klingon words(like a story), and tell it to add the containing words, or you enter them by hand.
Of course you can clean the list afterwards before actually creating the list.
A word of notice: The program will try to strip any pre or suffixes. So words that are made up of wordstem + suffix will not survive. Do'Ha' for example will be reduced to Do' I'm afraid. This is because the program doesn't really know any klingon, merely the affixes and how to split up klingon syllables.
I might add a rough word-check some time, the words are in one of KLIFlashs files anyway, so why not use them for a good purpose...
Any word that isn't currently in the list of KLIFlashs words will show up as "not found" in the list - you might want to remove it, but it will be ignored anyway.
In any case, after you are satisfied with your list of words, you can process it - creating the special list and adding it. The program does that all for you, you merely have to choose a good name and hit the button
Simply copy it into the KLIFlash directory. Make sure you called KLIFlash BEFORE using my program. This is important, because KLIFlash will create some files upon first start.
Notice that adding special lists, be it via my program or KLIMaint, will mean that should an update come, you'll lose all scores. I suggest backing up your files if you don't want to lose them.
Notes KLIFlist is my program, not Terrences. If it makes trouble, tell me, not him, it's not his fault.
Backup your KLIFlash files if you don't want to lose scores should an update come.
The program only accepts text files right now. No HTML.

A word of warning - before you do anything, you have to run KLIFlash at least once, so it can initialize itself. Do NOT run my program first.
Also, it seems you may still have to make use of KLIMaint - at least once, or the new list won't show up in KLIFlash. I'll try to correct that as soon as possible.

Since I wrote it in C#, it'll require .Net 2.0 or higher. This shouldn't really be a problem to any halfway modern computer, but if you still hold on to Win2K for example(good times, that were), then it might not work unless you download the .Net package from Microsoft.
Sorry for that. I realize that writing the program in C++ probably would mean a more stand-alone program, but since I have to use C# from time to time at work, it's a good exercise for me :-)


Here it is. Have fun.