Here I´m going to put up links to Klingon video resources NOT from me. Unless noted, they´re mere links, nothing´ll be stored on my page.
Let´s start with ter'eS great Hov leng, a self-made video completely in Klingon, with english subtitles.
Link Size(approx) Description
"Unexpected Enemy" about 5.6MB The first episode of "Hov leng", a parody of Star Trek, completely in klingon(and, unlike the "official" tlhIngan Hol from Paramount, it´s safe to assume it´s using correct grammar and spelling).
About 4 minutes long.
"What trouble with tribbles?" about 20MB He did it again! Another fine episode of Hov leng, this time whole 9 minutes in length(believe me, this is more work than you´d expect). The story of this episode centers around space station K-7, which you might remember as the one where an TOS episode as well as an DS9 episode played. His story now brings a third viewpoint into the game - this time from the klingon point of view. Great work, again.
Note: He added a higher quality (and higher size) QuickTime version as well. About 70MB in size, but probably well worth the download. It means 50MB more detail, after all ;-)
"P.S.A." 20MB Hope you are a fan of the Village People. Apparently they´ve been to Qo'noS and left quite an impression.
This video basically revolves around a recruitment song for the tlhIngan Hubbeq, sung to the music of Y.M.C.A. Or perhaps it´s the other way around, who can tell?...
Again there are two versions - the above linked WMV and a larger Quicktime version
Subs for title 1.6K Since he was so friendly to publish the scripts of the videos(link is on his video page), I made them into subtitles, to be watched together with the video. They´re in SSA format, so you need a player capable of displaying them, or a subtitle filter, like VobSub. The title subs are karaoke-timed, the rest isn´t. Sorry, it´d been too much work.
Subs for "unexpected enemy" 5.5K These are not karaoke-timed - they just appear as lines. They´re thought to be read while listening - not to look up a word - the timing somtimes is very short, because following sentences would block the view otherwise.
Subs for episode 2 15K It´s been quite a work, timing these subtitles. I don´t dare imagining how much work the video must have been...
Here´s the link to the main video page. It´s probably going to be updated more often than my reference, so I suggest paying a visit every once in a while.
It doesn´t hurt to visit his main site either. It´s always worth a visit. More to see on my links page.

Here now we have a nice video of a qepHom meeting in Germany. While not entirely IN klingon, it´s ABOUT klingon, and definitely interesting.
Link Size(approx) Description
qepHom about 9MB This video has been taken by German TV station "SAAR TV", covering a qepHom in Saarbrücken, Germany.
The audio track is german(with a few sentences of tlhIngan Hol in between. I´ve added subtitles in both German and English.
Technical notes:There are THREE subtitle tracks in that file - one for German, one for English, and one for the Names/Captions alone. The video track contains no text at all, aside from the intro/extro screen. This has been done to achieve two goals: 1) captions in both languages and 2) better compression, as I recompressed the entire video.
I will provide an AVI version as well, but currently I only have the MKV file.
An advertisement in "klingon", by a canadian tv station
Link Size(approx) Description
"Klingon" ad, "Space Channel" about 7MB This is an old(2001) TV ad for Stark Trek(Enterprise) on some "space channel".
It´s use of "klingon" is mediocre, naturally, but I think they at least tried. Initially, I wanted to provide subtitles - but I think it´s pointless, actually. Here is a good transcript of what has been said, on the KLI website.